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Query HTTP Status Code detailed information using Powershell 

Web harvest HTTP Status code information from a website and wrap it in a function which can query these statuses to add more verbosity to my web requests.

On top of that, once I have the HTTP Status codes and their description in a CSV, JSON or XML format,  I can repurpose this data in any program/script as desired which is obviously way better than Googling it each and every time when troubleshooting such errors.


Plot Graph in Powershell console 

* Color-coded output depending upon the Value of the Datapoint; Above or below predefined thresholds
* Display custom information on X and Y-Axis labels
* A Graph in the console that is independent and fully customizable, not like Task Manager’s (no need to switch to Performance Tab) and,
* Could be easily used in any Powershell script to monitor performance on any defined parameter, which I see as the biggest benefit of the function.
* Function consumes data points, generated during script execution or Pre-stored data like from a file or database.