If you are reading about this book for first time, let me give you a quick background on how it began and what is this book:

PowerShell is so young compared to other mainstream programming languages and it has taken good things, ideas from various languages and adopted it in its ecosystem and if you pay close attention you will observe a lot of similarities between PowerShell and other languages especially Python. When I started learning Python few years back I realized how much similar in concepts these two languages are with very slight syntactical differences.

Working as an Automation engineer in DevOps and System Admin space these two are my preferred languages of choice, so I tried to connect the dots between them by associating the concepts of PowerShell and Python, but to my surprise concepts started to stick with me for longer, such that I know how to implement something in both languages and remember the syntax for longer duration without going to refer back.

Science has coined a term for this which is “Associative Learning”, and it became easy to learn both languages together by comparing them, need less to say how good it looks on your resume if you know them well. So I wrote a few blog posts about it and PEOPLE LOVED IT! and it is still the most viewed blog posts I’ve ever written, later I decided to capture all my associative leanings in form of a book with a proper format and structure so that useful to anyone who is willing to  learn both these languages.

Please download the FREE Sample Book from the following link: https://leanpub.com/PowerShell-to-Python . Let me know if you find it useful and think it is worth purchasing, as the book is still in progress and more than 80% complete. I’m so grateful to 265 readers who have already supported me by purchasing the book in PRE-SALES to support my journey at the time I’m writing this blog post. THANK YOU for showing faith in me!


This PowerShell Scripting guide to Python is designed to make readers familiar with syntax, semantics and core concepts of Python language, in an approach that readers can totally relate with the concepts of PowerShell already in their arsenal, to learn Python fast and effectively, such that it sticks with readers for longer time.

“Use what you know to learn what you don’t. ” also known as Associative learning.

Book follows a comparative method to jump start readers journey in Python, but who is the target audience? and who should read this book –

  • Any System Administrator who want to step into Development or Programming roles, and even if you don’t want to be a developer, knowledge of another scripting language will make your skill set more robust.
  • Python Developers who want to learn PowerShell scripting and understand its ease of user and importance to manage any platform.

Python is one of the top programming languages and in fast changing IT scenarios to DevOps and Cloudto the future – Data ScienceArtificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Python is a must know.

But this PowerShell Scripting guide to Python would be very helpful for you if you already have some knowledge of PowerShell

NOTE! This is a Leanpub “Agile-published” book. That means the book is currently unfinished and in-progress. As I continue to complete the chapters, we will re-publish the book with the new and updated content. Readers will receive an email once a new version is published!

While the book is in progress, please review it and send any feedback or error corrections at [email protected]

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