Introduction to “PowerShell Module for Azure Cognitive Services”

PowerShell wrapper around Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services REST API’s, to bring the power of Machine Learning to your console and applications.

Microsoft Cognitive Services offer machine learning/Artificial intelligent models to be accessed through REST API’s to give Human-like cognition abilities to your applications.

Following are the cmdlets that are included in this module.

  • ConvertTo-Thumbnail – Converts an image to a smaller image or Thumbnail
  • Get-Face – Identify face & facial feature and ability to detect age, gender, emotion.
  • Get-ImageAnalysis – Analyze image and return color, tones, image type and metadata
  • Get-ImageDescription – Describes image with tags and captions
  • Get-ImageTag – Tag image and convert to hashtags
  • Get-Imagetext – Optical character recognition abilities to convert text in the image to plain text
  • Get-KeyPhrase – Identifies key phrases in a string
  • Get-Sentiment – Return sentiment scores for a respective string 1 being the positive and 0 being negative
  • Search-Entity – Search Entities like celebrities on Bing and return the results
  • Search-Web – Ability to search the internet for a query, web pages, URL, snippets are returned as a result
  • Test-AdultRacyContent – Moderates content for any Adult or Racy and return results if the manual review is required.
  • Trace-Language – Detects language used in a string and returns language code.

Cognitive Services

Github Repository:

PowerShell Gallery:


Module in action: 


The project is still in a very premature phase and since I’m actively involved in the development gradually, more cmdlets for Speech, LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service), custom Image and video search will be introduced.

I believe can be easily used in PowerShell bot frameworks like PoshBot for ChatOpsAzure Functions and from Azure CLI.

I’m excited how this project will evolve into future. On this note, please stay tuned for now… signing off…



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