INTRODUCTION – Get-Quote using Powershell

Hey Everyone, hope you guys are good!

Today’s blog post is to data harvest / Web scrape Quotations from the internet in your Powershell host.

But the real question is – why the hell I’d need Quotes in PowerShell console?

C’mon! because I’m a “Reading Quotes every morning” type of the guy 🙂 and I know many of you too like reading them. I daily spent some time reading quotes and I feel motivated, so thought it won’t be a bad idea to get Quotes directly in your PowerShell console because most of my time is consumed in the shell.

and who doesn’t want some love and success quotes in their life?

Get-Quote using Powershell

Get-Quote using Powershell



Run the function like I did in the animation below and it pulls Quotes from the internet depending on the parameter you choose and value you provide.

You could also, put this function in your $Profile , randomized with Keywords like Motivation, Success, Genius, Love and get Quotes every time you launch an instance of  Powershell host.


Get-Quote using Powershell

Have fun, stay motivated and keep your game going 🙂 Signing off.


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