Recently, I was working on my Twiter bot ( completely written in Powershell, but part automating multiple jobs that run continuously on my screen, I managed to write a script to set all PowerShell consoles automatically in a grid layout like in the below image


But I was not able to do that with taskmgr.exe in order to monitor performance bottlenecks and which was not at all customizable to my needs.


Features and Script:

So I decided to write a function that is customizable and can display a graph in a Powershell console which can also be set in an Automated grid layout (I’ll share the grid layout script in a later blog post).


  • I want to Color-code the output depending upon the Value of the Datapoint; Above/below some predefined thresholdsExample1
  • Display custom information  on X and Y-Axis labelsExample2
  • A Graph in the console that is independent and fully customizable, not like Task Manager’s (no need to switch to Performance Tab) and,
  • which could be easily used in any Powershell script to monitor performance on any defined parameter, which I see as the biggest benefit of the function.
  • The function consumes data points, generated during script execution or Pre-stored data like from a file or database.Example3

Following is the full script and here is the link to the Github Project, please feel free to contribute as I still see some possibilities of improvement.

Hope you’ll find the script useful and Thanks for reading.

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