Less is more –  I mean lesser the work, happier I Am 😛

Today, I’ve Automated the login process of few of my most used websites, like Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and Microsoft Live.


Here I’ve created Internet explorer objects and have passed them URL’s so that gets open in the IE browser.


Now the script have to wait until the web page gets loaded into the browser, so that we have in hand HTML data to play.

Once you have your page loaded, use HTML DOM (Document Object Model) to parse HTML source code and identify the input fields, where you can feed in you login credentials.


You will be logged only on the website open in the first tab of the browser by this approach, for websites in other tabs you can identify them using below approach.


Same way identify the tabs open, and feed in your credentials for any number of website.

Create a batch file on your desktop to run this script. or Schedule the script using Task Schedule to automatically open these website whenever you log on to your machine.


NOTE : This script may give some errors or fail to login due to internet issues, in such case, try running the script again.


Hope you enjoyed reading! See you later folks, gotta catch a train to Delhi 🙂