All of us must have faced error prompts, and when we don’t understand them and we try to google out what that error means and if we can find a solution for it on some search engine.

But the real pain is typing the whole error message in the search engine.
To solve this problem I’ve a trick for you, which is nothing new, but a life saviour ( ~overly exaggerated 😉 ) as people aren’t usually aware of it.

Next time whenever you run into any such prompt follow the below steps, and let me just quickly create one for you right away.

Go to Start Menu > Run ( Windows + R ) and type in Prateek.exe .


Windows won’t find any such executable and simply give you an error message


To copy the error message you have to just press CTRL + C (Universal Copy Shortcut) and you can paste the output (CTRL + V) in any text editor to get the below output.


Now in the text editor you have your error message. That was easy and No trick 😉

Happy Learning 🙂