Well your Shell, your way 🙂 .. this is a privilege that was absent in any of your previous experience’s with shell.

Powershell allows you to personalize/customize your console in various ways, you can tweak Font, Font Size, Colors, Background, Size and Window layout and many more things.

  1. Go to Start > Click Powerhsell to launch the Console.
  2. Once Console is open Right click on Title bar of the console.
  3. A menu will pop up, select Properties.
  4. Windows Powershell Properties Dialog box will open. By default Options tab is selected, you can modify the Cursor Size and Edit options under this tab.
  5. In next tab ‘Font‘ you can customize console Font and Font size.
  6. Under ‘Layout Tab‘ you can customize console window size and Screen buffer size, if you want to avoid scrolling.proY

    ou can adjust screen buffer width, to avoid the horizontal scrolling when you are writing commands in the console and it exceeds the console width.

  7. Last tab ‘Color‘ gives you options to change the Font text, screen and background colors.

Happy Learning!